‘Camille’ is a video art installation on silence inspired by the sculpture of a bust by Camille Claudel (1864-1943) ‘Young woman with closed eyes’ (model with bare shoulders and inner look). In addition to a tribute to Camille Claudel, in a very slow movement bordering the apparent immobility of this sculpture, through a transparent light, we enter the vibration of her work beyond time.

Moreover, we evoke here the disorder caused by the circumstances of early strict confinement 2020 in Barcelona (Spain) with an underlying evocation of the final mental isolation of this artist.


Brigitte VALOBRA and WALD

Our path arose from a desire. It’s an everyday attempt, a fact. We use video medium and we perform in the street or indoors. We have gone very significantly towards a so-called “poor theatre of the movement”. Our line of thought is free. We live in total harmony with who we are, actors of ourselves.

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