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Our first exhibition, VANISHING is now live!

Temporal, ephemeral, shimmering. These are some of the many descriptors we thought of for VANISHING, the first exhibition at THIS GALLERY. Fittingly, we found the concept as fleeting as its name. We asked ourselves: if you look straight into the eye of that which is vanishing, or has vanished, what do you see?



Mackenzie Abernethy

Katherine Akey

Karyna Aslanova

Lydia Avsec

Annika Berry

Daniele Bongiovanni

Kellie Bornhoft

Tony Bowen

Lara Buffard

Nicolle Bussien

Erin Canady

Camilo Cardenas

Laura C Carlson

Shelby Charlesworth

Sarah Choo Jing

Mia Cinelli

Jonathan Virginia Green

Alex Grunenfelder

Lim Jang Guin

Susan Heller

Alaric Hobbs

Diane Hulse

Amy Jackson

江峰 Jiang Feng

Yilin Li

Rachel Macmanus

Robin Mandel

Forrest McGarvey

Alicia Morris

Irena Paskali

Giulia Pellegrini

Jenny Phillips

Antonio Aragon Renuncio

Jean-Michel Rolland

Alexander Rusevich

Valentino Russo

Alan Rutherford

Ron Shelton

Elin Slavick

Emma Steinkraus

Caito Stewart

Katie Taylor

Pippilotta Yerna

What is This? Our Vision

THIS’ vision is to create a series of unique environments where artists, can display and create their work. A ‘place’ or series of ‘places’ that would offer multiple opportunities for career, artistic, and personal growth with an emphasis on collaboration and the incubation of new ideas.

Our Mission

An independent curatorial partnership focused on facilitating exhibitions that stimulate discourse, ​encourage ideas, ​and emphasize collaboration.

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