Fraggle Baroque

Nicholas Demers – Vancouver CANADA

Nicholas Demers

Fraggle Baroque | 19 x 55″ | mixed media on canvas


“In a time when gender identity and pronouns are at the forefront, I have accepted myself more and solidified my identity. I’ve embraced my glitzy version of masculinity and it’s very present in my artwork as of late. My entire life I was told that boys and men do certain things. We gravitate towards certain colours, themes, and mediums. My entire life I made choices and took certain paths because of what I was told that I should be believing and doing. It took some time. I feel the pandemic’s forced self-realization time allowed me to fully realize whatever issues I had surrounding using particular supplies and what that said about me; and to leave them in the past.”

– Nicholas Demers


beads, fabric, moss, embroidery, sequins, fringe, wood, yarn, chains