Compost n.1

Citron | Lunardi – Padua ITALY



Compost n.1 is a part of an artistic project that combines science, video art and digital sculpting and is inspired by the recent studies of Donna Haraway on the concept of Chtulucene: not a post-human world but a human compost world characterized by a continuous process of composition and decomposition.

This change of perspective is urgent especially against the backdrop of the ongoing pandemic, it is necessary – to use Donna Haraway’s words – “to stay with the trouble” in this infected time and deal with kinship systems among various species.

In particular, this video shows a panorama populated by symbiotic assemblages, infected surviving and migrant collaborative beings – artificial intelligences bio fabricated – that wallow in a liminal environment between natural and artificial, between mineral and organic in which humanity has reduced itself to a crystalline form.




Citron | Lunardi is a collaboration between two different personalities: Selene Citron (1986) passing from digital fabrication to performance and Luca Lunardi (1980) who works with video and writing.

Citron is a performer and sculptor. Her research is based on the use of simple materials: plaster, argilla, resin, twine, iron. Her current artistic work focuses on digital fabrication and 3D printing. She is a sculpture teacher in Liceo Artistico “Selvatico” of Padua.

Lunardi is a filmmaker specialized in scientific communication and documentary. His artist research explored some different areas (cinema, video art, science and animal studies).

They scrutinize established terms like nature, culture and technology, including their definitional boundaries. They draw up experimental and future-oriented scenarios to reflect upon the hybrid network between humans and their environment.

The artworks become a hybrid that mixes the pixel framework, the 3D print, the performance and the environment. A contamination that redraws the boundaries between the human and the post-human, the analogical and the digital, the artificial and the natural. Their works have participated in national and international exhibitions.