Vanishing - Art Exhibition
Exhibition Description



Disappearing suddenly and completely, from sight, especially quickly; becoming invisible.

Temporal, ephemeral, shimmering. These are some of the many descriptors we thought of for VANISHING, the first exhibition at THIS GALLERY. Fittingly, we found the concept as fleeting as its name. We asked ourselves: if you look straight into the eye of that which is vanishing, or has vanished, what do you see?

Virtually all art and life will vanish at some point. From the moment of conception through process to final execution, space and materials are transforming, alchemizing their way to becoming something else, or meeting their eventual end. If we could slow it all down, could we capture that moment–the fleeting, momentaneous moment of disappearance–and witness its final demise? Can we look to see if it has left any part of it behind? Or, will our eyes conspire to deceive us: did it ever exist?

This is what VANISHING seeks to discover.

THIS Gallery is located at:

227-475 Main Street
Vancouver, BC V6A 2T7

The gallery/studio is open by appointment only.

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